Historic Building Restoration


  • restoration plans
  • specifications of materials and quantities
  • site surveys and written reports + site photography
  • project management
  • practical courses on application of lime wash & distemper
  • training and assessment of associated contractors

Consultancy is conducted with Sibylle Heil


  • lime plaster & Lime mortar repairs, incl. renewal of laths
  • precision brick repairs & repointing
  • manual & automated lime plastering
  • wattle & daub
  • lime washing & damp management
  • application of mineral and clay based paints, distemper
  • application of linseed oil based paints on woodwork
  • hanging of precious wallcoverings ie. paper backed handpainted silks, block prints, painted murals on paper
  • on site testing (test panels, sampling, tinting)

All work is undertaken by Sibylle Heil & Associates. Contact us for a quote.