How we work

We do

  • give you a free quote subject to viewing of site. Our quotes tend to be detailed and conservative
  • make sure we’re fully insured
  • provide references
  • have membership of SPAB and IHBC
  • welcome projects on both historic buildings and contemporary spaces
  • use contractors with a minimum of 10 years experience
  • ensure our contractors hold First Aid at Work Certificates
  • provide full terms and conditions and a contract
  • have VAT registration

We don’t

  • sit in the van all day “looking for something”
  • “just make it look nice” ( for £5 ), see image
  • leave a mess
  • traumatise your pets
  • pick a number out of thin air and call it a quote
  • give quotes over the phone
  • want to pay for parking tickets (please supply parking permits!)
  • do exterior work when the average temp is 12ºC or less
  • implement bad specifications / inherent bad & faulty design