Modern Building Services


  • full risk assessment of working environment and contractors
  • clarification of all details, T&C’s before work commences
  • supply clients with full paperwork (written quote, invoice)
  • sourcing of local scaffolding company for exterior work
  • investigation of longterm problems + appropiate advice


  • painting and spraying
  • paint effects + murals + custom designs
  • surface preparation & protection
  • full protection of all surfaces (carpets, stairs, furniture etc.)
  • wallpaper removal, cross lining and paper hanging
  • rendering, pointing
  • lime washing
  • plastering, including traditional work methods + materials
  • wood renovation + treatment
  • natural stone repairs
  • ornamental plaster recasting + repairs
  • removal and renewal of ceilings
  • tiling + mosaic
  • sourcing of materials
  • removal of debris by licensed waste carrier
  • commercial premises and private residencies
  • insurance work, ie repair of damage caused by water and fire